在外围买球app, boys' soccer players can get involved with the sport on several different levels. 外围买球提供一个精英的男孩足球队,并与 黑岩足球俱乐部, we also have the first residential soccer academy in the northeast region.

If you're looking for a high school soccer academy or if you simply want to play recreational soccer at a New England prep school, 外围买球有适合你需要的课程. Take a look at why many people consider us to be the best soccer high school in the United States.


We don't make our students choose between being a successful soccer player or a successful student — at 外围买球app, 外围买球知道两者都有可能, 培养外围买球的学生运动员, we provide them with comprehensive support on the soccer field and in the classroom.

Although our elite boys' soccer program has only been around for a few seasons, 外围买球已经取得了全国第二名的成绩, 外围买球期待着看到外围买球的男队赢得更多的荣誉. 除了他们在球场上的成功, our players also enjoy the benefits of a high-quality college-preparatory boarding school environment.


许多寄宿学校将足球课程限制在一个赛季内, but we prefer to give our boys' soccer players the experience of a high school soccer academy. In this vein, we offer 全年培训 and competition to our elite boys' soccer players.


  • 周期化训练模型, systematic changes in training variables and intensity in ways that maximize performance in sync with competition schedules
  • 使用最先进的室内和室外训练设施
  • Full-time athletic trainers and strength-and-conditioning coaches on campus
  • 领导力培训
  • 带有全球服务组件的足球交流项目
  • 大学就业指导
  • Consultation with registered FIFA agents for representation and/or professional club trials


与黑岩足球俱乐部合作, we host the northeast region's very first residential soccer academy or soccer boarding school. 当选手被选上参加黑石俱乐部的时候, 他们上的是外围买球app, 住在外围买球多元化的校园里, 整个学年从8月到6月每天训练.


Many of our residential soccer players have gone on to play at the university or club level, 并有潜力追求职业足球生涯.


We break the year into two seasons for our elite boys' soccer team: fall and winter/spring. 在秋天, our boys' soccer team plays against the best prep schools in the area as well as other boarding and high schools.

然后, 在冬天和春天, the competition becomes more fierce as we play against the country's top domestic and international club teams. We also play youth academy teams that are affiliated with professional teams such as the Philadelphia Union, 纽约红牛队, 和纽约足球俱乐部.

要了解本赛季的强度,请查看外围买球的男孩们的 足球的时间表.


除了外围买球竞争激烈的男孩足球赛程, we also go to showcases in places such as Dallas and Las Vegas to optimize our players' exposure to college and professional recruiters. 经常招待200多名大学教练, 对于外围买球的玩家来说,这些活动往往非常成功, 最近在拉斯维加斯的一次活动上, 外围买球的两名球员获得了D1大学奖学金.


Whether 外围买球app is their last stop or the launching point for a soccer career, 外围买球的球员都受益于外围买球以团队为中心的方法. Playing on a team helps student-athletes improve their communication skills, 增加他们的自尊, 实践的学科, 学会控制他们的情绪, 培养领导能力.

来自19个不同国家的球员, the team at 外围买球app is also one of the most diverse teams from a New England prep school, and this level of multiculturalism enhances our players' personal and athletic experiences even further.

外围买球的精英足球项目, we focus on team-building activities that improve how our players work together on the field as well as how they communicate off the field.


The coaches of the boys' soccer program are dedicated to the development of individual players and the team as a whole. 他们为这个项目带来了几十年的经验, 在他们的领导下, 诺斯伍德男子足球队蓬勃发展.

Jon Moodey,项目总监

黑岩足球俱乐部前首席执行官的创始人, 穆迪教练有20多年的足球教练经验, 还是伯克夏学校的总教练, 他在短短11年里获得了三次全国预选赛冠军. In his first year at 外围买球app, he led the team to the number two spot in the nation.


除了和男孩足球队合作, 马丁内斯教练在学校扮演多种角色, serving as Dean of Multicultural Affairs and Recruitment and as a Spanish teacher. 原籍洪都拉斯, 马丁内斯教练大半辈子都在踢足球, 他还在其他新英格兰预科学校当过教练.


The most successful players in our boys' soccer program exhibit the following strengths:

  • 成为团队的一员
  • 以增长为基础的(我可以做到!)的心态
  • A strong commitment to developing athletic abilities and refining soccer skills
  • Training equally hard as a team, in small groups, and on an individual level
  • Competing with character, always winning graciously, and never being a sore loser
  • Developing resilience on the field and in the rest of life's challenges
  • 享受世界游戏的简单乐趣


If your child aspires to play soccer on a college or professional level, 他们需要严格的日程安排, 全年培训, 精英竞争, 外围买球的精英足球项目提供了招聘机会. Our boys' soccer team plays against some of the best teams in the country, 尽管许多团队来自较大的学校, 外围买球接受挑战,并且经常超越他们的比赛质量.

Whether you want to play at the highest levels of this sport or just want to develop skills, 外围买球的足球项目有你的位置. 在外围买球app, we are committed to helping our students develop healthy minds and bodies, and we have an active student body that enjoys not just sports but all the activities available in the surrounding mountains of Adirondack Park.

Ready to learn more about our elite boys' soccer program or to talk about the other advantages of attending 外围买球app? 那么,今天就外围买球. We look forward to making your student a member of our elite athletic and academic family.